Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 261

degree abusive. He abused the kindness of his brethren, and instead of teaching the commandments of God in a humble spirit as Christ's ambassador and letting the truth do its work, he mixed up with these commandments his own overbearing commands, which caused some to be disgusted and turn away from the truth altogether, and others to be thrown into a state of fear that they could not please God if they would, for their minds were in constant agitation. His influence led the people of God to errors in judgment and faith, the result of which cannot yet be understood or fully known.

The course of G. Holt was even more injurious than that of Brother Rhodes. His family were a source of trouble and vexation everywhere they lived. His children were low, depraved, and ungovernable. Reproofs had been repeatedly given in Connecticut, but on every occasion when reproved through vision, instead of receiving it and acting on the light God had given him, his feelings rebelled against it, and he acted out his rebellious feelings, refused to do anything, acted stubborn and willful. He did not reform, and therefore his family grew worse and worse, chose their own ways, and were a reproach to the cause of God in Connecticut and New York. He moved to Ohio and carried the curse along with him. Again he was reproved through vision, and he rose up against it and tried in every way to destroy the influence of my husband. [Four pages missing here.]...

I was pointed to different things which have occurred but ought not to have been, which have injured the confidence of the brethren in Ohio in their ministers. Brother Loughborough sought hard to help the churches in Ohio. Sending for his wife and Carrie Carpenter was a mistake and hurt his influence. Had he sent for his wife alone the case would have been far better, but as it was it gave an occasion for surmisings and lowered him in the estimation of those whom he wished to help.

I saw that Brother Loughborough's anxiety to meet the wishes of his wife and please her has often led him astray. He has often been called from the work which God would have him do to attend to some wish or desire of his wife, which she would not have had if she had been consecrated to God. She had a will which was strong as a lion within her, which led her to feel that she had rather die than not follow out this will and have her desires gratified.

Ministers professing to be servants of Jesus Christ will have to learn not to be servants of their companions at home. God's work comes first, and they are not to be called from it on any account, whether the wife submits to it or not. Satan often makes the wife an agent to make the husband unfaithful to his Master's calling.

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