Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 266

Christ is the great Head of the church in 1898.

With ever so few or ever so many, Christ is a power and a success wherever He may work. He knows how to press through the difficulties. You have been sorely tried, but the trial has worked for your good. You have had little encouragement, and when you asked for one of your mother's books at reduced rates they did not consider in their charge they were dealing with your mother.

Now, Edson, is it possible that a mistake was made in the list of names of my friends to whom I made presents of some of my books? But even if this were the case they all knew that a gift of your mother's books would have been a kindness toward you. I am so sorry, so sorry! I would have delighted to have given you two of the books, one for you and one for Emma, and why your name was not on the list I cannot explain. Edson, I would not have had this occur for the value of a dozen books, but this is one of the mysteries that occur sometimes.

If the enemy has used this as a temptation, be assured, my son, you are just as near my sympathies and heart as your brother, W. C. White. I am not near enough to you to do you favors. If I were there, I would gladly do these favors. If at any future time I do not send you books, do not let the matter pass; obtain the books and charge them to your mother.

You ask me what you shall do, for so little help is given to that portion of the field where you are working. Trust it all to the Lord. There is a way opened for you in regard to the Southern field. Appeal to the people. This is the only course you can pursue under the circumstances. Send no statement of the situation through our religious papers because it will not be honored. Send direct to the people. God's ways are not to be counterworked by man's ways. There are those who have means and will give, some small sums and some large sums, but have it come direct to your destitute portion of the vineyard. The Lord has not specified any regular channel through which means should pass.

In the efforts made to save the perishing souls that for years God has been presenting to the people as a field to be worked, let the work be done by whomsoever will work under the Lord's directions, and then you will be blessed.

I do not know, Edson, how many things ought to be said, and how many things should be left unsaid. I know you have had a hard time. I know that you are in a difficult and a most dangerous field, made thus because of the prejudice of the whites against the blacks, and because our brethren have not interested themselves personally in that field to

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