Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 280

MR No. 1557—Evangelism in Melbourne Suburbs; God's Law Everlasting; Truth to Triumph Over Error

(Written February 16, 1894, from St. George's Terrace, St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, to Friends in America.) 21MR 280

I have been wishing that I could write a letter to you and to other friends in America for this mail, but fear that I cannot write much this time. I have had many trying things in my experience since the camp meeting. My soul has been distressed and burdened. Now I feel somewhat relieved; matters are adjusting themselves more pleasantly. We are now in the heat of battle in this country. I feel to the depths of my being that now is the time to work. There are three suburbs where meetings are now in progress—Brighton, Williamstown, and Prahran. 21MR 280.1

At North Brighton a tent is pitched and Elder Corliss and Robert Hare are working unitedly and with success. The Congregationalist minister in Brighton is a man of wide influence; he occupies a position in relation to the different churches similar to that of Crafts in America. He was the founder of the Council of Churches in this country. Several members of this church have embraced the truth and it hurt him. 21MR 280.2

He came to the tent a few evenings since, accompanied by a large portion of his members, determined to carry out his plans. He asked [for] the privilege of speaking after Elder Corliss had spoken, but was told that this could not be permitted, for it would do no good and only create confusion. 21MR 280.3

He insisted and said, “Will you put the matter to vote?” This was his scheme, for he had brought in his church members in order to carry the day and have things his own way. But Elder Corliss said, “No, I cannot give away this meeting.” He had stated this to him in a previous interview. Before the whole congregation Elder Corliss said, “I will give this minister the tent, free of expense, any night in the week except Sunday night, to speak the whole evening upon this subject, but I cannot permit him to divert the minds of this congregation from important points. I wish them to hear and to investigate the Scripture for themselves, that they may see if this is not the truth that I present to them.” To the minister he said, “I will give you five minutes to decide upon the evening you will appoint to speak in this tent.” The man turned very white, but answered not a word. The five minutes were a dead silence. 21MR 280.4

Then Elder Corliss went on with his discourse, showing the fallacy of 21MR 280.5

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