Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 281

the minister's position on the subject in question, which Elder Corliss had, stated in print, in his hands. After the meeting closed the minister gave out that on Wednesday evening he would answer the discourse in his own church.

Brethren Hare and Colcord were present to hear this review. It was a repetition of the same objection that Canright had put forth in his books. The minister had Canright's book. But the congregation were not at all satisfied. Now his own people are so thoroughly stirred up that the minister feels compelled to do something, for his reputation is at stake. He has sent a challenge to Elder Corliss to meet him in discussion and there is no way of evading this question now, for the enemies of the truth would triumph if the matter were not taken up.

Elder Corliss feels very much troubled over it, but he has agreed to accept the challenge if the minister will consent to continue the discussion for six evenings, for one night would not be sufficient to do justice to the subject. He hopes that the proposition will be rejected, for the interest is great and is extending through all the region round about. Meanwhile he has decided to go on, pressing into his discourse all the important matter possible, and carrying the interest as far as he can before the discussion shall begin. We think the minister will not accept the conditions, for all he wants is to throw in a mass of objections to confuse the minds of the hearers; and as he has no weapons furnished him in the Bible with which to war against the truth, he must supply the great necessity from the armor of the prince of darkness—with assertions, Satan's falsehoods prepared for him to handle, such as are presented in Canright's book. These he can use in one evening and claim that he has extinguished the law of God and the Sabbath. But when he has to keep to the point for six evenings, the weakness of his arguments will become apparent to the people.

One week ago I spoke in Brighton with earnest, pointed words upon the Sabbath of the fourth commandment. An excellent class of people were present and a good impression was made. The Lord is moving upon minds. About twelve are now keeping the Sabbath in Brighton, and a large number are convinced but have not courage as yet to come out on the Lord's side. Last Sunday I spoke at Williamstown, twelve miles from Melbourne, where Brethren Baker and Israel are working with the tent. I had chosen John 3:16 for my text, but I could not dwell upon the great love which God has expressed to men without presenting in clear lines the fallacy of claiming that the commandments are abolished, when we have not in the Scriptures one single word or intimation of such a monstrous idea.

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