Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 285

MR No. 1558—Dietary Advice to a Sanitarium Physician; Let the Adventist Light Shine

(Written January 22, 1901, from St. Helena, California, to Dr. S. Rand, Hamilton, Newcastle, New South Wales.)

I wish to express to you my satisfaction at your connection with the Hamilton Bath Business and the Retreat. There is a large and progressive work to be done in Newcastle and Maitland. I look upon this work as a growing work, and if it is not hindered by unChristlike, unwise movements it will do much good.

My brother, I wish your ideas upon health reform were more clear and pronounced. Your advice in regard to the eating of meat and butter is not as it should be. That is not giving correct ideas. In many cases the result of eating these articles has been bring more suffering upon the patients than relief. You need health reform in practice. You need to teach health reform and keep your own soul in the love of God.

I have received letters from New Zealand in which the writers stated that nut foods do not agree with them. I did not know just how to answer these letters. In the night season I was instructed that education in using the nut food needs reforming, that too large a quantity of nut food is an injury. The combination is not correct when nuts are cooked with other food, and that some nuts are not as wholesome as others. These experiments must not be too certainly recommended, but experiment and move carefully. [Unless this is done], using this nut food will do harm. A reform must be made in the matter of health foods.

The foods used should correspond to the climate. Some foods suitable for one country would not do at all to be recommended in another place. And the nut foods should be made as inexpensive as possible so they can be procured by the poor. Light has been given me that almonds are preferable to peanuts, but peanuts in limited quantities may be used in connection with grains to make nourishing food which can be cared for by the digestive organs. But every soul must experiment for himself. Every family that have capabilities must improve them learning how to cook.

But let all who can eat freely of fruit. Fruits and grains are preferable to nuts.

Olives may be prepared in such a way that they will be superior to any drug in helping consumptives and those who have inflamed, irritated

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