Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 289

MR No. 1559—The Use of Drugs vs Simple Remedies; Ellen White's Diet

(Written August 1, 1897, from “Sunnyside,” to Dr. J. H. Kellogg.) 21MR 289

I scarcely know how to write to you. I hoped yesterday evening after the Sabbath to receive the Vancouver mail, but it did not come, and my mail for America must go tomorrow morning. 21MR 289.1

I have read the manuscript Willie sent me for the book Christian Temperance. I see nothing that I object to except the subject of drug medication. As matters have been opened to me from time to time, as I have been conducted through the rooms of the sick in the sanitarium and out of the sanitarium, I have seen that the physicians of the sanitarium, by practicing drug medication, have lost many cases that need not have died if they had left their drugs out of the sick room. Cases have been lost that had the physicians left off entirely their drug treatment, had they put their wits to work and wisely and persistently used the Lord's own remedies—plenty of air and water—the fever cases that have been lost would have recovered. The reckless use of those things that should be discarded has decided the case of the sick. 21MR 289.2

I will not educate or sustain the use of drugs. I try not to speak of these things, but if the book is already out, I shall have to insert something that I may place the truth of the matter before the people. After seeing so much harm done by the administering of drugs, I cannot use them, and cannot testify in their favor. I must be true to the light given me by the Lord. 21MR 289.3

The treatment we gave when the sanitarium was first established required earnest labor to combat disease. We did not use drug concoctions; we followed hygienic methods. This work was blessed by God. It was a work in which the human instrumentality could cooperate with God in saving life. There should be nothing put into the human system that would leave its baleful influence behind. And to carry out the light on this subject, to practice hygienic treatment, and to educate on altogether different lines of treating the sick, was the reason given me why we should have sanitariums established in various localities. 21MR 289.4

I have been pained when many students have been encouraged to go to Ann Arbor to receive an education in the use of drugs. The light which I have received has placed an altogether different complexion on 21MR 289.5

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