Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 301

MR No. 1562—Greater Need of Christ and Less of Self

(Written July 23, 1887, from Grimsby, England, to “Dear Brethren Durland and John.”) 21MR 301

I have not been able to sleep since one o'clock. I feel a great longing that souls shall come to a knowledge of the truth, and a great burden that those who labor for their salvation shall be laborers together with God. Much is comprehended in this kind of labor. It is the laborer's part to keep constantly waiting for orders. But there is not all that praying in faith that would be profitable for us and the work in which we are engaged. We strike below the standard. 21MR 301.1

There is a real work to be wrought in us. Constantly we must submit our will to God's will, our way to God's way. Our peculiar ideas will strive constantly for the supremacy, but we must make God all and in all. We are not free from the failings of humanity, but we must constantly strive to be free from these failings, not to be perfect in our own eyes but perfect in every good work. We must not dwell on the dark side; our souls must not rest in self, but in the One who is all and in all. 21MR 301.2

By beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, we are actually changed into the same image, from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord. We expect too little, and we receive according to our faith. We are not to cling to our own ways, our own plans, our own ideas. We are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, that we may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Besetting sins are to be conquered and evil habits overcome. Wrong dispositions and feelings are to be rooted out, and holy tempers and emotions begotten in us by the Spirit of God. 21MR 301.3

This the Word of God explicitly teaches, but the Lord cannot work in us to will and to do of His good pleasure unless we crucify self, with the affections and lusts, at every step. If we try to work in our own way, we shall grievously fail. We need more of Christ and less of self. We need the work of the Spirit of God upon our hearts constantly transforming our characters, our ways, our manners. 21MR 301.4

We have too little faith, too feeble a trust in God, too little conformity to the divine will. We have a great work to do, and if we are laborers together with God, the ministering angels will cooperate with us in the work. We can only reach the people through God. Then let us lay hold of this His mighty power by living faith, praying and believing, trusting and working. Then God will do that 21MR 301.5

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