Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 310

MR No. 1565—A Trip Across Germany and Holland to Kettering, England

(Written June 30, 1887, from Kettering, England, to “Dear Children.”) 21MR 310

I wrote you last from the depot in Hamburg. We took the second class compartment, which was extra. The car was new and sweet, toilet room adjoining, and we rode from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. in that car. A lady and daughter rode one half hour with us. Aside from this, we had the compartment all to ourselves. As I had slept but a trifle the night before on the boat, I slept much of the time passing through Germany and Holland. 21MR 310.1

We had fine weather. The country was in its glory and everything was beautiful and enjoyable. Now I was no more sick and could relish my food. We traveled three days and three nights and had only one cup of warm drink. Ate our dry lunch. Purchased a couple of pounds of strawberries at Copenhagen, which made our meals enjoyable. We had some little forebodings of the water, but at 10 p.m. we stepped on the boat and were disappointed to be assigned to a little, mean-looking cabin where there were many berths and all as hard as the floor. 21MR 310.2

I felt provoked at first. They said I could have first class berth, also Sister Ings, for one pound. I would not gratify them to pay one cent extra, so the fur and the feather pillow were arranged and the port holes closed; but we begged for the door [to be] open and it was granted. We were in the end of the boat down in the lower cabin, and I did sleep tolerably well. The boat did not rock at all but moved smoothly crossing the channel as if on a mild lake. So we all felt to praise God and take courage. 21MR 310.3

We were ticketed for Victoria depot and arrived there about eight o'clock. Took the hack. Rode three miles across the city to the ______ depot and took cars for Kettering on fast train. Was only one hour and half. We reached here in good condition, not much weary. Found Brethren Robinson and Lane (and Sister Robinson) and Boyd and Sister Nursborn expecting to meet us there tonight. 21MR 310.4

And here we are at Kettering. Have telegraphed we would meet them next Monday at London. 21MR 310.5

Shall look for Brethren Lane and Haskell tomorrow. Brother Haskell has been to visit Brother John in Wales to urge him to unite with Brother Durland in the tent effort in new place, about six miles from Kettering. 21MR 310.6

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