Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 313

wife shall accompany him. He needs her and we will try to make up a family, for I cannot see any better way to do than to be independent of all families, [so we can] cook as we please. We have had a good girl to cook for us and do all housework. We will have a good girl in England and you will be free to ride with me, walk with me, and help me in many ways. Then when your husband is not well or when he shall rest, he can have a home to come to. If we do not stay in England long, still we will have a home where our interests will be connected. When we go to America, I want to have Sister Ings in my family, and I shall locate myself somewhere or in some place where there is land to pasture a cow without so much trouble.

Now, my dear brother and sister, I have not lost my interest in either of you, and I want we should be one family. I think you had both better come at once to England, and by the time you arrive we will be making our way from Norway to England. There we will meet, there we will talk over our plans. There are good locations we can obtain in England. We shall secure the most healthy place we can to make a home, and we want you to connect with us.

Mary K. White does not find time even to ride with me or travel with me. Sarah is either taking dictation or writing on the calligraph, and Marian—you know how she begs off. You can help me and I can help you, and you can go with me to different churches. Now come, both of you, and remain as long as it shall please the Lord. When we leave England we want you to go in company with us.

In my dreams I am with Sister Ings. She fell on my neck and said, “Oh, Sister White, I never wanted to leave you. You made me leave you, and I want to be with you. The Lord blesses me when I am with you.” I said, “Sister Ings, from this time our interests shall never be divorced. We will stand shoulder to shoulder to the close of time.

I want when you shall come that you will bring all the matter in regard to mothers’ influence, all letters from my children. You can help me much in some of these matters. I would not bring but a limited supply of clothing as you can obtain it here better than there, but you need not I should inform you in regard to this.

You have filled a good place in the institution and now it is well that there should be a change. Therefore come, Sister Ings, with your husband. We will be more than glad to see you. I can say no more in regard to this matter. The Lord help you to decide aright, is my prayer.

No one would be more happy to see you than every one of our family, but after saying this I can say more—all would receive you most heartily. I do not know what the duty of Sister

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