Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 315

MR No. 1567—Counsel to S.N. Haskell Regarding Delay to Leave for Europe; Defense of Sister Harris

(Written January 14, 1887, from Bale, [The French name for basel.] Switzerland, to S. N. Haskell.)

I have been meaning to write to you for some days, but have been very sick with malaria. I am now improving. It is three weeks since I first was taken sick. I have suffered much, and I feared much how it would turn with me, but I kept praying and putting my whole trust in God, and He has blessed me. I hope to improve now faster that I have done.

Elder Ings and wife, and Elder Ertzenberger and I attended the dedication of a small house in Tramelan. Soon after I came into Brother Roth's house, I was alarmed for myself. The water closets were in the house, and on each floor was a water closet. The house was permeated with the poison, and thus it proved to work on me. I was taken with great pain in my stomach, as if poisoned. Still I spoke Sabbath. We had a very solemn meeting. I had to give the dedicatory discourse which was interpreted by Brother Ertzenberger.

I grew worse Sunday, but a large hall had been hired, [and] notices had been sent out that I would speak. John Vuilleumier came from Bale to interpret; and although suffering severe spasms of pain. I spoke to three hundred people assembled in the hall. The meeting was pronounced a success, but I dared not remain another night. I had them make arrangements to return to Bale Sunday night after speaking in afternoon. Well, I spoke New Year's to all who could understand English, and the Lord met with us. I became very sick, yet spoke again last Sabbath, and the week now about past has been a week of peril to me, but the worst is past. I feel very thankful to my heavenly Father.

We had hoped you would be here at the conference and thought it would prove a blessing, and then W. C. W. would accompany Brother Farnsworth and yourself to England and see what could be done there. Then when the way was prepared, I would spend one or two months in England. But as your plans are not to come till April, we shall not unite in the work in England. I am feeling quite sure that I should return to America and that I must be at my house in California at the end of the two years from the time I left California.

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