Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 321

MR No. 1569—Encouragement for S.N. Haskell and the Ings; Conditions at the Health Retreat

(Written February 13, 1888, from Healdsburg, California, to S.N. Haskell and Elder and Mrs. Ings.) 21MR 321

It may seem strange to you that we have not said more in regard to Elder Ings and his wife coming to America. We believe the Lord's hand was in their going to Europe. We were very fearful that they could not stand the climate, but the Lord in His providence has sustained them. They may even have had better health in the dismal climate of London than if they had been in California. We cannot say in regard to this matter. We would not limit the Holy One of Israel; He can do mercifully abundantly above all that we are able to think. And although we have pitied you and prayed for you and Elder Haskell much, I am convinced that we have had too little faith and too limited a vision of God's power to protect and save you in the dark and dismal fogs of London. 21MR 321.1

I have felt so great assurance when opening my mouth before God in behalf of you, being concerned particularly in that mission which we all know needs far more helpers than it already has, that I have felt forbidden to say, “Come to America.” The Lord will work by whom He will. Brother Ings may be annoyed by his old tormentor, rheumatism, but if he will only remember that he had had the same, perhaps fully as severe, here in California! It has seemed to me that no special, lasting harm would come to you. If you only have faith, living faith, only as a grain of mustard seed, then what wonderful things you might claim. 21MR 321.2

So I cannot say to you, “Come to America.” Under the circumstances, Elder Haskell is fully as much in need to change climate as you, my Brother and Sister Ings. I could not see that it would be consistent or merciful. How do you know but England is just the place for you? Has He released you? Then come any moment. I write you this as explaining why we have not at the General Conference lifted up our voices and called you to come from London. It is not because there is no room for you to work in this good field of California, and it is not because we do not love you and desire your labors. It is because we feared we should meddle with God's arrangements, even as Uzzah tried to put his hand on the ark, fearing the jostling might hurt it. 21MR 321.3

God will take care of you both, and He is blessing you and He wants you to be hid as in the secret of His 21MR 321.4

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