Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 322

pavilion, to lean on Jesus and look alone to Jesus. There are blessings for you all, and the Lord sees every peril that threatens you, every disagreeable duty that you have to meet. But He who tempers the wind to the shorn lamb will not leave any one of you who have given yourselves up to do His gracious will. Cling to the Arm that is mighty to save. Let His name be magnified. Come near to Jesus every morning.

Nearly every night we supplicate the Lord in your behalf, calling you by name in our family devotions, and I have felt assurance that He who pleads in the courts of heaven in your behalf calls you by name in His work as your Advocate. I know the Lord is nigh; you only believe, and you will see the salvation of God. We have so little faith that I wonder how the Lord can be pleased with us or do much for us. I have been somewhat worn since I returned from Europe, but I am full of love to Jesus and of gratitude for His great goodness to me.

Elder Haskell, will you look away from your own merits? Will you trust the merits and righteousness of Christ? Will you look to Him and trust in Him as a loving and mighty Saviour? Will you believe just now? Will you fall all broken upon Jesus and say, “He saveth me; I am wholly without reserve the Lord's”? O,! look and live! The Lord has blessings for you. He will help you. “A bruised reed shall He not break, and the smoking flax shall He not quench: He shall bring forth judgment unto truth” [Isaiah 42:3].

My heart yearns to see you stand in the strength of the Mighty One. Will you, oh, will you take God at His word? Will you believe He means just what He says? I pray that your whole spirit and soul and body may be sanctified. Lie low at His feet, at the foot of the cross, subdued, broken, but taking hold of His strength, that is all that you need. I tell you, we must work in greater faith, we must fight the good fight of faith, we must break the force of Satan's suggestions, by living, actual faith. God has said it, and it will be done. His word is pledged, that He will be to you a present help in every time of need. Be strong in the Lord, yea, be strong.

We have not had the most pleasant labor altogether since coming to California. It has been a kind of labor that tried the soul and that naturally brings discouragement. It has been most trying to my soul. My heart has been grieved within me to have to labor on every hand against this freedom, married men with women and girls. Oh! it has caused me intense pain. I have tried to labor to correct these evils, and have seen the depths of Satan's working, but I try to be faithful. I get but little encouragement.

Elder Rice left the Rural Health Retreat because we urged him to

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