Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 329

MR No. 1571—Our Need of Christ's Transforming Grace, Humility, and Love

(Written February 8, 1886, from Basel, Switzerland, to Brother and Sister Harmon.) 21MR 329

I was very glad to receive letters from you, but I am unable to answer them at present. For two weeks I have suffered with congestion of the brain and eyes. Last Thursday I had a two-hours’ chill and was very sick all day. Friday morning our people arrived from America. Sabbath I had another chill, lighter, but was unable to sit up through the day. Have been quite sick today. How this will terminate I cannot tell, except that I do have faith in God that I will have strength to accomplish the great amount of work that is now in my hands in writing and arranging books. I am astonished at the amount of labor that God has given me strength to do since I have been here in Europe. 21MR 329.1

I had written to Sister Lockwood that she need not be concerned in regard to the carpet after I saw the way opened to hire means. I thank you for the interest you have taken in this matter, also for the good price you obtained for the carpet. I would rather have kept it myself than to have sold it for any less. 21MR 329.2

In regard to May Walling, I see there is reason in what you say. I have recently written to May telling her to go to Brother Lockwood's at once, for I thought it was a burden imposed upon you that you ought not to have. And as my expenses were considerable here, I did not feel that while our house was open in Healdsburg it would be best to pay May's board, and you ought not to board her without pay. 21MR 329.3

I feel perfectly safe with May under your care, and I did not propose her going to Brother Lockwood's because I had any lack of confidence in you, but only for the reasons I have named. I have written to Brother Lockwood to rent my house if possible. If he should do this, then I would want May to be with you, and if she makes a wise improvement of her time, continue at the school. Brother Lockwood may be able to rent the house; if not, it will be an expense to me rather than an income. You are on the ground and I am not. I leave it to you and your husband's judgment to do as you think I would do if I were there in regard to May. 21MR 329.4

In regard to the revival meetings at Healdsburg, it surely bears fruit of being the work of God, but in every such revival Satan gains advantages by coming in through unconsecrated persons who have had little or no 21MR 329.5

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