Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 336

MR No. 1573—Counsel Together and Lean Wholly on God

(Written September 1, 1897, from “Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, N.S.W., to Brethren Daniells, Colcord, Faulkhead, Palmer, and Salisbury.)

I have just finished writing a letter to Brother Miller and his wife, which I wish you to see. I could not sleep after half past twelve o'clock tonight. I was conversing with you, and the Spirit of the Lord came upon me as I presented some things before you. I was telling you that the Lord had shown me that the minds and spirits and characters of His workers needed to be molded and fashioned before He could work in and through them.

There needs to be a deeper work of grace in the heart. Less of self and more of Jesus Christ must be seen. Tests close and sharp are coming to all. The religion of the Bible must be interwoven with all that we do and say. All business transactions are to become a fragrance as from God, because of the presence of God which is to be mingled with every action.

Do you individually realize that you are in the presence of the unseen Watcher? Your individual ways and temperaments need to be fashioned after the divine similitude. Constantly you need to cultivate and cherish the thought, I am in the presence of One whom I love and fear and reverence. But He is seen only by the eye of faith. I must think no thought and do no action in my own spirit or after my own inclination. Unless I have the mind and the Spirit of God I cannot safely be trusted with sacred responsibilities. My mind, my judgment must not rule. The mind and judgment of the great I AM must rule.

We must plough deep if we would obtain an all-around experience. We need to cultivate faith in the word of God. “Thus saith the Lord” is to be the Alpha and the Omega of our experience. As brethren located where you must be more or less connected you must draw closer together in your councils, in your association, in spirit, and in all your works. One man among you is not to be made the counsellor for all.

Each one is to stand in his lot and in his place, doing his work. Every individual among you must before God do a work for these last days that is great and sacred and grand. Every one must bear his weight of responsibility. The Lord is preparing each one to do his appointed work, and each one is to be respected and honored as a brother chosen of God and precious in His sight. One man is not to be selected to whom all plans and methods shall be confided while

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