Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 340

MR No. 1574—Piety Low in Oslo; Meditations at a Funeral; Trouble in Nimes

(Written July, 1886, from Oslo, Norway, to Edson and Emma White. First part missing.) 21MR 340

... stood one feeble man as authority for everything. He has not undertaken to bring the people up and to perfect every man in Christ Jesus. The ideas he has had upon these things have not been according to the light God has given me, and yet Elder Matteson has accomplished a large work. The error was in sending him alone at the beginning. There should have been several to unite in the work. Oh, that God would help His people with proper understanding to broaden, to extend! Oh, that Heaven's light may shine forth upon the responsible men and upon those who go forth to labor! We can work successfully only through God. 21MR 340.1

Half past ten o'clock—At nine o'clock, by appointment, I met the committee to talk with them in regard to the way of observing the Sabbath, and the elements in the church that had been tolerated and had disfigured the work and brought the truth into disrepute. This influence, unless firmly dealt with, would be the means of turning many souls from the truth. I spoke very decidedly, in the fear of God, and I left no chance for any misunderstanding, I assure you. 21MR 340.2

I pointed to the blacksmith's shop, silent on the first day of the week, and the noise of hammering and of the anvil and clatter of iron on the Sabbath. And then close by was the marble shop, and the sound of hammer and chisel mingled with the prayers of a people who are professedly honoring God by observing His Sabbath. 21MR 340.3

Entering into the ears of God is all this din and all this confusion, I said, dishonoring God on your very premises, under your control. The Lord has sent you a message to which you are to take heed. You may regard it as an idle tale, but I tell you, in the day of God you will know the things which I tell you are verity and truth. 21MR 340.4

I related to them that, when in America, I was shown the work in Norway, the church in Christiania in particular, and the slow advancement they were making. The standard of piety and of truth was very low. The truth was made a matter of convenience. Rather than bringing themselves up to the Bible standard they were making their business and their own selfish interest the standard. God will accept no such service. 21MR 340.5

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