Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 341

An angel of God said, “Look and observe carefully what this people are doing, mingling their own dross with pure truth.” I had Sara present to report, and will not make the statement I designed to make, but have the words copied and then will have it more exact. Now, said I, I expect you may, some of you, consider my words as idle tales, but you must meet them in the judgment and I must meet them. I cannot abate one iota from their severity. The meeting for preaching was to commence in fifteen minutes and I told them I wanted another meeting to express the mind of the Spirit of God concerning them more fully upon some points. Next Monday—tomorrow evening—I meet the church and address them all.

As soon as I ceased speaking Brother Hansen arose and said, “I do not consider these as idle tales. I receive them, and believe the truth has been spoken to us this morning, and I thank Sister White for saying them.” Then I think all in the room responded eagerly, heartily, “We receive these words and mean to act upon them.”

Now, Brother Hansen is the most influential man in the church and the only one who has much of any property. He is a large builder and has had men under him. He is a large contractor and I have talked with him plainly before in regard to his position and example. Then I have seen him drawing off and feared he would give up the truth, but I felt so strongly for him I have written to him, close, earnest, and yet in love, pleading in Christ's stead for him to save his soul. He has had to have others read his letters for him as he could not read English, but he has received these letters gladly and has ever treated me with the greatest respect, and I felt that I could fall down upon my knees and thank God for this token for good.

I had reined myself up; every nerve was strained to the utmost, and calmly and in the spirit of Jesus, but firmly and decidedly, as plucking a brand from the burning, I delivered this testimony. I am so thankful the Lord did open hearts to receive the reproof and warning. When I came to my room I was weak as a child. I knew not how they would take my message.

Now I expect there will be a change, but Satan will oppose every step of advance, and so long have the people here professing present truth tampered with sacred things, letting down to a level with common things, that I expect it will require stern efforts and much wrestling against inclination to bring them up where God would have them.

I think if our brethren could realize how much it cost me—the weak instrument—to bear such testimonies, they would not think that

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