Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 356

that her keeping the Sabbath would bring any confusion.

Lord and Lady Brassey were about to visit England, and Lord Brassey gave Mrs. Williams a vacation during their absence and allowed her wages to go on for a period of six months. She referred Lord Brassey to the Echo Office for information concerning the faith. He said that was enough; he was having his Government work done at that Office, and was favorably impressed with the principles that were manifested by the managers and with the work that was executed in the office.

Some are very poor, and everything they eat has had to be provided for them, and their rent has to be paid. This cannot be avoided. We feel grateful to God for His tender love and compassion to the children of men, and we are in all things to follow Christ, to do as He would do were He in the world under the same circumstances.

A lot has been purchased on which to build a church here. I made a donation of twenty pounds but they must wait until I can obtain means. I must see if we can hire one hundred pounds to keep us until the Lord shall send us means. I have paid one hundred and five pounds toward the Stanmore church. After great hindrance, which we cannot explain, the land was bought and the building is up, but money does not seem to be in sight to pay the workmen and fully complete the work. But it will be dedicated next Sunday.

Elder Haskell, in connection with his wife, did noble work in the first term of school, and the Lord accepted the work done. Every student left the school converted. And just that kind of work has been done here at Stanmore, that the Lord has revealed to me for years was the work the unbelieving world must have done for them if they have the light and courage to take their position upon the Sabbath.

After the community has been stirred by a well organized camp meeting, then shall the workers pull up stakes and leave to attend another camp meeting and let the work ravel out? I say, Divide the workers and have some take right hold, giving Bible readings, doing colporteur work, selling tracts, etc. Let there be a mission home to prepare workers by educating them in every line of the work. This will not leave the work to ravel out. The good impressions the messengers of God have made upon hearts and minds will not be lost.

This house-to-house labor, searching for souls, hunting for the lost sheep, is the most essential work that can be done. Seventy-five souls have been organized into a church in Stanmore. We thank God for this. Fifty of these have embraced the truth since the camp meeting in Stanmore.

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