Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 364

MR No. 1577—A Call to Rightly Represent the Truth

(Written circa 1861, from Battle Creek, Michigan, to “Dear Brethren and Sisters at Bedford.”)

While at Grand Rapids I saw the cases of some. I was first shown the case of Brother Hungerford—that he was far from God. He realized but little what it was to be a true Christian, a follower of Christ. I saw that religion did not consist in making a noise, but that Brother Hungerford was in the habit of going into meeting and praying long and loud, and after the meeting closed, his heat and excitement were gone, and then he was light and trifling. He seemed to have no foundation, no heartwork—did not show the fruits of a Christian. His conduct out of meeting was such as God abhors. He was too familiar with the sisters, his life was not at all in accordance with his profession, and every day he gave his profession the lie.

He is a reproach to the cause, and it would be better if he had never embraced the third angel's message than to take the course he does—appear to be full of zeal in meeting and when you look for the fruits out of meeting they are not to be found. I saw that he was too dilatory. Much of his time that he should spend in laboring with his hands to support his family and to help the cause was idled away. I saw that he would have to give an account for his strength and time that he has idled away. He is just as accountable for his time and strength as those who have property are accountable for what God has given them. God has given strength to Brother Hungerford and he has made a bad use of it. He has not spent it to the glory of God, but has felt satisfied and easy if he could go a distance to meeting and idle away his time there when it were much better for him if he was at home laboring with his hands, for he would be no benefit in meeting.

Brother Hungerford's heart is far from God. His imprudent conduct has brought a reproach upon the cause that will not be easily wiped away. To be a Christian is to be Christlike, and the habit Brother Hungerford has of shouting is no evidence that he is a Christian, for his shouting is regarded by God as no shouting. Half of the time he himself knows not what he is shouting at.

There is also a great lack of neatness and order. God wants His children in these last days to be neat and clean. His commands to the children of Israel were definite in regard to cleanliness. God has not changed or altered. He wants His

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