Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 388

MR No. 1581—The Melbourne Camp Meeting; God's Great Gift of Jesus

(Written November 18, 1895, from Armadale, Melbourne, Australia, to Edson White.) 21MR 388

I received your letters and chapters on the Life of Christ. I have not read them yet but we will read them before this letter shall be mailed. 21MR 388.1

Some things have been presented to me in lines of caution to you. I have written it, and if I can feel free to send it now, will do so. 21MR 388.2

We are in the midst of a decided interest. We have had from the very first a deep interest. The Lord has visited Brother Prescott in a most remarkable manner and given to him the Holy Spirit to give to this people. Delegates have come to the camp meeting from all directions—from New Zealand, Queensland, and Brother Knobbs from Norfolk Island. Those who are not in the truth say, “That man speaks from the inspiration of the Spirit of God.” 21MR 388.3

We are sure that the Lord has endowed him with His Holy Spirit and the truth is being poured forth from his lips in rich currents. The truth has been listened to by preachers and by people not of our faith. After meeting they beg of Brother Prescott to give them a copy of these discourses. 21MR 388.4

Maggie Hare is my reporter. She takes the discourses in shorthand. Copies have been given to certain ones and they accept them eagerly. They say, “I want to give that to my congregation.” Teachers in the Sunday schools say, “I want to give these points to my scholars.” 21MR 388.5

There are entire families that are interested. They say the Bible is to them a new revelation. One full month of camp meeting has now been in session. The meeting was designed to be closed last Monday morning but it was prolonged one day more because of the interest. The tents were taken down, many of them, on Tuesday. 21MR 388.6

Elder Corliss is an excellent Bible teacher. He has worked in Sydney and in its suburbs with intense interest, and success has attended his labors. He came to this meeting much worn. If he could have been favored with entire rest, if only for a few weeks, he would improve greatly. But where is the period of rest for any of us? 21MR 388.7

I have already spoken fifteen times on this ground and have been able to make all hear in and surrounding the large tent. But it taxes anyone to keep up the voice without favoring it in any way. Brother Prescott has spoken many times and those not of our faith have felt deeply and expressed themselves that he was speaking under the inspiration of 21MR 388.8

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