Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 394

MR No. 1582—Financial Straits Near Cooranbong in 1896

(Written May 7, 1896, from “Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, N.S.W., to Dr. J.H. Kellogg.) 21MR 394

We received your letters with pleasure and have read them to others. We have just had a most interesting and profitable Bible Institute. We know that much good has resulted from this meeting. We know that Professor Prescott worked under the influence of the Holy Spirit of God. He is giving the trumpet a certain sound. For fully one month the Word of God was studied, and an interest has been awakened in this place. 21MR 394.1

I will send you some copies of letters written to others. Our camp meetings held in Melbourne have been doing their work. The influence of camp meetings is lasting. It is not always readily discerned, but they are doing a good work. Last year only two were held, one in Armadale near Melbourne, and one in Tasmania. These meetings were excellent. We considered the meeting held in Armadale has been and still is exerting its influence in regions round about. The work has to be carried on in any way that will arrest the attention of the people. 21MR 394.2

You speak of Brother Semmens working more largely in a sanitarium. We have tried our best to secure a location for a sanitarium, but some were not suitable and others required more means than we were able to furnish. If we had only one quarter of the advantages which you have in America, it could be done. I have to stand as a bank to uphold, borrow, and advance money, and I turn and twist every way to do the work. Others will take hold and do something when they see that I have faith to lead out and donate. 21MR 394.3

A few days ago one of our faith, an excellent family, sent their two little girls, ages ten and thirteen years, about two miles with a note to me. They came carrying between them on a long stick a large bunch of bananas. It was a hot day and they were very tired tugging their burden. I just pitied them. They handed me a letter from Sister Q. I read in this letter as follows, “We are in trouble; our quarterly rent is due and we know not where to get the money to pay it. Could you loan us the money?” 21MR 394.4

We had no money to get necessary supplies for a family of ten. I sent word back, “Tell your mother she shall have the money Thursday.” I had not the slightest idea where I could get the money for them. I had some money in the Echo Office, but they are so hard up that I have no heart to draw on them for what little we have there when they are unable 21MR 394.5

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