Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 395

to pay their ministers, and for some time they have had to get along by running bills at the stores.

I don't think that we can consent to depend upon the Echo Office for our means to live on. Everybody in this country is poor. When out of means we will be obliged to buy on time. This we do not want to do but I fear we will be compelled to. We cannot possibly wait for prosperity to come through sale of books, that we may receive our pay. Here are all our workers who must be paid.

I am heavily in debt in this country to those in other countries. Eighteen hundred dollars from one person—this money has been used up. Five hundred dollars from one in Africa—which is a loan and has been applied in different ways that demanded means to forward the work. I move by faith.

In the last Bible Institute I paid the fare of some who wanted to attend the meetings, but were not able. I also boarded several in order that they might have the benefit of the meetings. I do not regret this. I know that such precious opportunities are beyond the estimate of gold and silver. Everyone who attended the meeting was constantly sitting at a banquet from heaven. I could not bear to think of anyone losing the precious things that were presented from the Word of God. This has to be acted over every meeting that is held.

We cannot depend upon others. There are but few who can do anything and there are so many ways to apply every dollar that we can obtain, and then many things have to be left undone which ought to be done. We are often put to our wits’ end to know what to do and how to apply certain means where they are the most needed.

Several camp meetings are to be held this season and I know what that means—all the money that I can possibly collect from my dues everywhere to invest. When people come to our camp meetings they come all unprepared to care for themselves, and they must be fed, for they have nothing with which to feed themselves. Poor hungry souls, starving for the Bread of Life.

There are fine men, several of our canvassers, who are called jewels in the work, who come to these large gatherings almost completely destitute of clothing. I have felt it duty to invest pounds to make them reasonably comfortable. I have expended much means in these lines. Yet not one penny do I regret. I am determined to use all that I can possibly spare in these ways. God helping me I will reach everyone possible to reach.

Besides paying the board of several and the expenses of some, I have boarded a number at my own table. Dr. Kellogg, I am working in

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