Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 40

MR No. 1508—An Appeal for Personal Piety, Unity, and Fiscal Responsibility Among Denominational Workers

(Written February 12, 1899, to Dr. J.H. Kellogg.) 21MR 40

We received your telegram in due time, and we felt grateful for the prospect of $5,000 in about three months’ time. This will be a help indeed; for it is very much needed. You speak of Sister McCamly's giving $10,000 for the work of rescuing souls from the lowest depths and securing a home for them in Colorado, and that she is going to raise this sum to $50,000. This is where America has the advantage. There you have those who will make large donations, but we have no such standing. We are yet in the A B C of the work. It makes me sad when I think of all the donations poured into established homes in America, and remember that we have not been able to raise from any source whatever money enough even to make a respectable beginning. 21MR 40.1

I wish you could have had the picture before your own eyes, then you could better understand how much we need means. We would praise God for the possibility of obtaining means with which to work. In every line we are pressed for means with which to make a start. What can we possibly do in regard to manufacturing health foods? We have a building, a sawmill, which can be fitted up for this work. We have secured this from the school, but how to obtain means to commence manufacturing the foods is more than we know. We have no outlook yet, but we must have facilities to work with. Here are medical men, and workers are being educated in this line. We must start without delay. Can you give us any light? We want to do the work that must be done. 21MR 40.2

This country is a new world, and I have invested everything as fast as I have obtained anything to invest. I have stood back of every new enterprise that the Lord has indicated [should be] started since coming to this field. We do not want to be far behind the providence of God, lest the favorable opportunities will pass by and never come again. The Lord wants us to be minute men, right on hand, that we may go to work with all the powers we can command. Then He will work with us. 21MR 40.3

When I heard that one sister would give $10,000 to the institution in Colorado, I was relieved, for from the light given me by the Lord, wherever there is a sanitarium established there should be a building separate from the other buildings where consumptives can be cared 21MR 40.4

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