Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 41

for. Such cases should be kept away from other patients who are in poor health. It is not right to allow consumptives to mingle with patients who are being treated for local difficulties. As rational beings, we must exercise care in separating the consumptives from those who have not the disease but who have weak lungs. They should not all be crowded into one building. The building in Colorado should be at a distance from the building we may call our sanitarium hospital, and far greater precautions must be taken with consumptives, lest the disease be communicated.

We know that faith is a mightier conqueror of the world than even death. Whatever the diseases and afflictions humanity is subjected to in this period of the world's history, they are the result of the wickedness of the inhabitants of the earth. Their course of action has brought its sure result, until the very earth, the very cattle, are consumed with disease. But all we can do is to alleviate suffering, and to bring a balm, a solace, a hope, to those ready to perish.

The fact that Christ when He was on this earth was a healer of all manner of disease, is an encouragement and hope amid the moral sickness and evil that prevails; and we should do far more as physicians and nurses, as ministers of righteousness, if, instead of looking down into the grave, we fixed our gaze upon the mighty Healer. Whatever the disorder may be, the glories of the heavenly will do more for the saving of body and soul than all the drug medication in the world, than all the terrors of the grave will do if kept before the helpless and apparently hopeless.

Why is the sanitarium at Battle Creek in so much repute? Why has it been successful? It is because God presides, because heavenly intelligences are there, because truth and righteousness have opportunity to be all-pervading. The poor souls that are lost Christ came to pardon and to relieve.

You need, my brother, to place burdens and responsibilities upon others, while you preside. You can be worked by the Holy Spirit to devise and plan after the order of God. But trust not to your own human wisdom. Trust not to poisonous drugs that will interfere with nature's work and leave their cruel trail behind. Work away from drugs, and never, never advise one under your influence to go to Ann Arbor or any other place to obtain the education supposed to be essential for the perfection of the medical practitioner. The stamp left upon them by such places is almost ineffaceable. Educate, educate, educate, by placing yourself and others in the closest connection with the greatest Healer the world has ever known. Keep in view the better world, which is attracting to itself all

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