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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 416

MR No. 1588—Dr. Kellogg's Case Almost Hopeless; The Indescribable Marvel and Mystery of Christ's Incarnation

(Written September 3, 1904, from Middletown, Connecticut, to “Ministers, Physicians, and Teachers.”) 21MR 416

I cannot sleep after eleven o'clock. My mind is drawn out in most earnest thought and prayer. The question arises, What do you suppose will be accomplished by your testimony to change the order of things that now exists? Testimony after testimony has been borne under the special influence of the Holy Spirit, and those who have gone out of the way have in their darkness put their human ideas into operation, supposing that when testimonies were sent them from God to point out their mistakes and their dangers, they could set their unsanctified judgment to work against the Holy Spirit, saying of the part that reproved their course, “Somebody has told her,” and of the part in which their wrong course of action was not referred to, “That is of the Lord.” 21MR 416.1

This was done at Berrien Springs, and resulted in those who needed to confess their own sins, confessing the sins of others and trying to specify what was of God in the warnings sent and what was not. Some thought to relieve the situation by taking the position that Sister White is human, and therefore the reproofs coming to them to arrest them from doing harm to themselves and others by entertaining unbelief and refusing to be corrected, are of human origin. Is this the way that testimonies are treated, that they have no effect on the erring ones? All the ordained messengers of God, prophets and apostles, were directed to give very straight, decided warnings. 21MR 416.2

Cain slew his brother Abel because Abel referred him to the express direction from God that all sacrificial offerings brought to Him were to be accompanied by a slain lamb, as the acknowledgment and confession of sin, and to represent Christ, who saved the fallen race by Himself becoming the great Sacrifice. Cain had a faultless offering, with the exception that he did not bring a lamb. Because Abel repeated to Cain God's directions regarding the sacrificial offerings, Cain became very angry, and killed his brother. 21MR 416.3

Many things have been presented to me. I have been shown that although J.H. Kellogg has written that he has surrendered, he has not surrendered. He will vindicate himself, and will not, unless thoroughly converted, be a safe man to stand in positions 21MR 416.4

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