Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 421

MR No. 1589—Meetings in Massachusetts and Connecticut

(Diary Entries-August 5 to September 4, 1904.) 21MR 421

Washington, D.C., Friday, August 5, 1904—I cannot sleep after twelve o'clock. I am pressed as a cart beneath sheaves. I cannot sleep. My heart is pained for the condition of our churches and the great work of preparation that is to be done in the churches. 21MR 421.1

Melrose Sanitarium, Mass., August 26, 1904—This day I thank the Lord He has given me strength to bear my message under the large tent one mile from the sanitarium. The seats were all occupied. There was singing accompanied with music, and the music was distinct in sound and made a good impression upon the people. Then I spoke one hour and the Lord strengthened me, for which I praise His holy name. I presented the first chapter of First Peter, and the people listened with much interest. 21MR 421.2

Melrose, Mass., Sunday, August 28, 1904—I speak to the people that shall assemble in the tent meeting in Melrose. My mind is deeply exercised this morning. I have had matters presented to me to give to our people. An urgent request came to me from a man who desired to discuss with me in regard to the round world—to him a very important matter. 21MR 421.3

My answer was, “I have a message to this people in regard to the life they must live in this world to prepare them for future life which measures with the life of God. We have nought to do with the question whether this world is round or flat. [The important thing] is to serve God with full purpose of a renewed heart, sanctified and made holy by the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ.” 21MR 421.4

Every issue will be brought in in various places by some persons who are not worked by the Spirit of God. Last night the Lord gave me words to speak to the people. Satan has a multitude of questions to bring in through various minds and ingenuity as all-important. Take the Word, plainly stating the truth for 1904; and the messenger that was sent of God had a message the same as the people need now. He was John the Baptist. 21MR 421.5

Melrose, Mass., August 30, 1904—I thank my heavenly Father that I have slept more than for several nights. I thank the Lord that my faculties are preserved. God is the Lord and greatly to be praised. I shall speak today and on the morrow in this place. May the Lord bless and sanctify me and make me strong to do His will. I ask for health that I may 21MR 421.6

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