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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 428

those things which cannot be shaken may remain.

When the word of the Lord comes to churches and to individuals, there are always those who refuse to hear aright or to see aright. Their defective hearing and seeing puts them far out of the way. I am instructed that I am not to stand before those who would misinterpret my words to mean what they want them to mean. Their eyes are so blinded that they cannot see; their ears are so dulled that they cannot hear. They circulate reports as being what Sister White has said, when I said no such thing.

My brother, you are in a strait place, but the Lord will be your frontguard and your rearward if you will put your trust in Him. Do not let unsanctified, unconsecrated men lead you or intimidate you. I have been instructed that it is time that there was a thorough investigation of the standing of the Medical Missionary Association and the Sanitarium. Let the strict examination be made in regard to the business that has been transacted in Battle Creek. This will show the standing of the institution. This investigation should have been made long ago. The business standing of all our medical institutions is to be carefully and correctly presented before our people, that they may know the real situation of the medical work, where it stands, what it is doing, whether or not it is producing as well as consuming.

Such men as have been losing their spiritual discernment are in a very perilous condition. The Lord calls now for men like Cornelius—men who are taught of Him. Men may have been all their lifetime professing Seventh-day Adventists, but this does not make them true men, sanctified and ennobled through the truth. There are some whose ways are right in their own eyes, and who suppose that they are wise, but they are foolish. They are building their house upon the sand, and when the tempest comes, the house will be swept from beneath them. They will perish because they did not build their foundation upon the solid rock.

May the Lord help you, my brother, to stand firm in this time of trial. I may not be permitted to go to Battle Creek. But if the Lord says, Go, be sure that I shall heed His word. Be of good courage in the Lord God of hosts. Let Him be your fear and your dread.—Letter 197, 1904.

Ellen G. White Estate

Silver Spring, Maryland,

May 9, 1991.

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