Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 430

guide his footsteps into safe paths? I do not know the character of your son's sins, but I am safe in saying, Whatever they may be let no comments from human lips, no pressure from human actions, who think they are doing justice, lead you to pursue a course which can be interpreted by your son that you feel too much mortified and dishonored to ever take him back into confidence and to forget his transgressions. Let nothing cause you to lose hope, nothing to cut off your love and tenderness for the erring one. Just because he is erring he needs you, and he wants a father and a mother to help him to recover himself from the snare of Satan. Hold him fast by faith and love, and cling to the all-pitying Redeemer, remembering that he has one who has an interest in him, even above your own.

Jesus died to redeem him. He is the purchase of the blood of Christ. His soul is of value with God. If you can turn a sinner from the error of his ways, you have saved a soul from death. I know that many parents are in danger, through the shame and disappointment brought upon them by one of their children, to treat the erring one with greater severity than they would one who is not related to them, because then our heart has been bruised and wounded. But without Christ we are all liable to go astray, to do those things grievous in His sight, and this should make us kind and forgiving.

Justice has a twin sister that should ever stand by her side, which is Mercy and Love. I again say to you, Take this erring one to your heart of love, just as Christ takes His erring ones to His heart of infinite love.

My brother and sister, let us be like Jesus. Throw around your son the atmosphere of tenderness; now manifest your affection and your forgiveness, and this will do for him just what it would do for you—break down every barrier and melt your heart of stone. Hold your son in faith, grieved and disappointed and dishonored as you may feel. Save him, save him, save him from ruin! He needs you now, father and mother. I know you will not give him up to his deadly foe.

Do not talk discouragement and hopelessness. Talk courage. Tell him he can redeem himself, that you, his father and mother, will help him to take hold from above to plant his feet on the solid Rock, Christ Jesus, to find a sure support and unfailing strength in Jesus. If his fault be ever so grievous, it will not cure your son to press this constantly upon him. A right course of action is needed to save a soul from death and keep a soul from committing a multitude of sins. In your humiliation do not forget that Jesus knows it all, that His love is deep and unchangeable, that He pities our woes, He carries our

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