Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 436

MR No. 1593—A Call to Prepare for the Final Crisis

(Written January 30, 1906, from Sanitarium, California, to Brother and Sister Farnsworth.) 21MR 436

I cannot sleep after twelve o'clock. I am encouraging souls to examine their own hearts and to seek counsel most earnestly from God. Now is the time for us to afflict our souls by fasting and prayer. We cannot lay out the way in which the Lord will work, but we can follow the leadings and drawings of His Holy Spirit. We shall gain nothing by lifting up our souls unto vanity and in self-confidence. 21MR 436.1

This I am saying in the visions of the night in assemblies in Battle Creek. If ever the believers in Battle Creek needed the Holy Spirit's guidance, it is now. They need the deep moving of the Spirit of God, that they may give the trumpet a certain sound. 21MR 436.2

Read the first eleven verses of the fortieth chapter of Isaiah. Present the truth in its power, as it is in Jesus. Keep the mind stayed on God and imbued with His Holy Spirit. Present the affirmative of truth. Stand on the platform of eternal truth. But do not accuse. Say nothing to arouse enmity and strife. 21MR 436.3

The truth, present truth for this time, will be meat in due season. Let plain, authoritative truth be presented with decided assurance and in the spirit of love and kindness, that the Holy Spirit's power may give force to the words spoken. You are surely where many souls have become confused. But Christ has promised, “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end.” We are to claim this promise. The Lord is not asleep or indifferent to our faith, and He will give knowledge and grace to all who will humble their hearts before Him. 21MR 436.4

Have perfect faith in the promises of Christ. “Teach them,” He said, “all that I have commanded you.” The Lord has many precious souls in Battle Creek, and they need the very words of instruction that Christ has given for them. The gospel of Christ is full of love, rich in assurance and comfort. Every soul needs now to understand the foundation of his faith. In simple language and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, present the truth. We have the Word, that wonderful Book, which contains the very instruction needed at this time. 21MR 436.5

The testing time is right upon us. We must build upon the Rock that will stand the storm of test and trial. As we see the fulfillment of prophecy, we know that the end of all 21MR 436.6

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