Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 5

MR No. 1502—Funds Needed for Avondale

(Written April 29, 1896, from “Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, N.S.W., to the Wessels brothers.) 21MR 5

I wish to write you a few lines, asking you to lend me 1,000 pounds. At the present time we are greatly in need of a building for school purposes. On account of the lack of means, we may not be able to carry out the plans designed by Brother Sisley, but if you will lend us the money I ask, we can commence at once to erect a plain, economical building. Without means, however, we can do nothing. We do not ask for this money that we may erect an expensive building, but that we may put up a plain, substantial building, suitable for the country. The brick for this will be made on the ground, and much of the lumber that is used will be sawed on the ground also. 21MR 5.1

In Melbourne they are about to build their meetinghouse, so we cannot ask help from them, and it would be a great mistake to stop the work on the school building for a year. The students have been waiting for some time for the school to open, and we are anxious to get the building up that they may attend. I know that the Lord would have the work of building the school commenced without delay. He has means for us somewhere, and I know He would have us arise and build. If you will help us, we will be grateful to Him who has made you stewards of His means. 21MR 5.2

Are you able to loan us 1,000 pounds, and can you send it direct to us? It need not pass through the office at Battle Creek, for that would cause delay. If you can send the money, I will give you my note for the same, only asking you to make the interest as low as you can afford. The Lord will bless you if you will give us this help; for no work stands higher in the approbation of heaven than that so dear to the heart of Christ—the work of bringing the youth into the channel of light, and winning them to the love of God. 21MR 5.3

We must build a school here, where students may be educated to form characters for eternal life, and where they may receive such an education in the Scriptures that they will go out from the school to educate others. This is the Lord's work, and when we know that we are doing the very work He has specified, we must have faith to believe that He will open the way. I am nearly ready to publish the “Life of Christ,” and I have several other books to be printed, but we cannot wait for this. The King's business requires haste. The youth in this country are expecting 21MR 5.4

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