Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 65

cloud was before them, and yet they pressed on. When the whole army—“all Pharaoh's horses, his chariots, and his horsemen”—were in the very bed of the sea, the Lord said unto Moses, “Stretch out thine hand over the sea.” Israel had passed over on dry land, but they heard the shouting of the armies in pursuit. As Moses stretched out his rod over the sea, the embanked waters that had stood as a great wall, rolled on in their natural course. Of all the men of Egypt in that vast army, not one escaped. All perished in their determination to have their own way and to refuse God's way. That occasion was the end of their probation.

Thus it will be with every class who choose to refuse the light God gives, and persist in following a course of action that makes void the law of Him who is Supreme Ruler over all kings—over all human powers that oppose themselves to the law of the Supreme Ruler of the universe, and set themselves in array against the expressed will of the great I AM.

“And beside Me there is none else.” In the destruction of the old world by a flood of waters, God gave evidence that men had exceeded the bounds prescribed through His long-sufferance. And whenever a people, with a “thus saith the Lord” to guide them, presume upon His mercy, and go decidedly counter to His will, despising all His warnings, they finally exceed the limits of grace. Then God interferes and vindicates the honor of His law. He represses the increase of unrighteousness, by blotting out the race who become indifferent to His law which had been made known to the inhabitants of the Noatic [world]. Thus the Lord reveals to the whole human family that it is possible to go so far in sin and disgraceful transgression of His law, that it becomes necessary for Him to limit human life, and interpose in His wrath to prevent their spoiling one another in continual disobedience and defiance of His law.

In the antediluvian world, man refused to obey. There was an extraordinary prevalence of feeling of self-importance. Sinful man, with swelling pride, continued in deeds of unrighteousness. The Lord bore long with transgressors, and in mercy gave man a probation of one hundred and twenty years. If the evil-doers repented not, they were to be swept from the face of the earth by a flood of waters. Noah and his helpers were constantly at work preparing an immense boat. Many of the believing ones kept the faith and died triumphant.

Finally the long period of probation was about to close. By the standard of God's law, the obedient were distinguished from the disobedient. The time was a most critical one. Will Noah become tempted by the universal scorn which he sees thrown

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