Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 74

MR No. 1514—Obtaining and Using Funds for Buildings and Publications; Strong Areas of God's Work to Help Weaker Ones

(Written February 19, 1899, from “Sunnyside,” Cooranbong, to J. N. Loughborough.) 21MR 74

I have received and read your letter. I was very thankful for the loan you sent in the same mail. We received one hundred dollars from a sister in St. Louis, Missouri. This money will help us a great deal just now. Last Thursday we received a cable message from Dr. Kellogg saying that within sixty days he could raise five thousand dollars. We were just then planning how we could obtain means to complete the school building which is partly erected. W.C.W. went to Newcastle to try to borrow some money. He was disappointed there, and went at once to Sydney. On Thursday the telegram came from Dr. Kellogg. We wrote at once to Elder Daniells and W. C. White, to set their minds at rest. 21MR 74.1

The interest in Newcastle is wonderful. The Sabbath has been presented to the people, and one week from today twenty-five will be baptized. I shall speak in Newcastle next Sabbath and Sunday. 21MR 74.2

We are trying to raise money enough to purchase an old stone church in Wallsend, ten miles from Newcastle. The roof is gone, the floor is partly gone, and the windows are smashed, but the location is excellent. I shall go to see it. We think we can obtain some means from the new believers. If so, we shall not have to use the five hundred dollars you sent, but can let the sanitarium have it to obtain some facilities for the branch office in Newcastle. 21MR 74.3

The medical missionary work has taken well with the people in Newcastle. Some of the leading men in the city are enthusiastic over the subject. Both Dr. Caro and Dr. Rand will spend some time in Newcastle. Dr. Caro gives health lectures there once a week. People from outside are calling for a cooking class. I think this will be held in the tent. I wish we had a cook who could do justice to the work by showing the people how to make good bread and other simple articles of food. Instruction in medical missionary lines is just what the people in Australia appreciate. In every place where camp meetings have been held, this subject has created intense interest. It is allied to the third angel's message as surely as the right arm is joined to the body. 21MR 74.4

I said that twenty-five had taken their stand. As many more are convinced, but business prospects hold them back. The work has extended from Newcastle to Maitland, and in the towns between Cooranbong and 21MR 74.5

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