Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 75

Newcastle there are many interested ones.

Some weeks ago I received some money from California, and you cannot tell how glad I was to get it. I sent one hundred pounds to Brisbane that they might make a start on their meetinghouse there. The weather was so rough that they could no longer hold meetings in the tent without imperiling the lives of those who attended. Those who had newly come to the faith helped by purchasing the land. They are all poor people, but they did what they could. If we could have obtained money from any source by borrowing, we would have done so, but there was no money to be had. The building is now going up, and we are so thankful for the sake of the people and the workers there. I had pledged five pounds toward this building, not knowing how I could raise that much. My workers have not been paid for last year's work. I can let them have only what they need for their actual necessities, and no more.

The second one hundred pounds of the money I received from California I placed in the hands of Elder Daniells, to be used in building bathrooms for the sanitarium. John Wessels wrote me from Africa for counsel regarding his future movements. I said in reply, Come to Australia, for the way is open for our work. I told him to telegraph us at once regarding this matter, that we might know what to do. If he can come soon, we shall not invest our money in building bathrooms which will have to be moved, but will secure a site for a sanitarium. The house now used for a sanitarium is in no way appropriate.

A new tent had to be purchased for the work in Newcastle, and I gave toward this ten pounds of the money from California. There is now only a little left, which I shall invest in putting a fence around our church here. It stands in a large open pasture.

Not one dollar of this money have I invested for my own personal use. I would not at that time have called for the money invested in the mission school in Chicago had it not been necessary. But while in Illinois we came to a deadlock. I was led out to pledge one thousand dollars. I had to hire this money and pay seven percent interest for two years. Just at that point his satanic majesty was in the management of my books published at the Review and Herald office. Those at the head of the publishing work there would handle neither Great Controversy nor Patriarchs and Prophets, the very books God had signified the people must have at once.

They promised me faithfully that after certain months they would handle these books, but they failed to keep their word. When the Great Controversy should have been circulated everywhere, it was lying dead in the Review and Herald office and

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