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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 84

Christ claims His own recompense for His conquests. He specified in His wonderful prayer, recorded in the seventeenth chapter of John, what that recompense is. “I am glorified in them.” His ransomed church is to be the chief source of His glory. Through them, unto principalities and powers in heavenly places, is to be made known the manifold wisdom of God.

“I have given them Thy word,” the Saviour declared, “and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.” [John 17:15-26, quoted.]

Christ humbled Himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross. “Wherefore God hath highly exalted Him.” A marvelous work has been wrought in our behalf. Shall we allow ourselves to become depressed, or to murmur and complain? [Hebrews 3:12-19, quoted.]

True believers are the light of the church and of the world. God has true messengers of healing in our world. They are those who are taught of God, who are imbued with His Spirit, ministers who experience the sanctification of the Spirit. Sons and daughters of God have a great work to do in the world. They are to be its light. They are to accept the Word of God as the man of their counsel, and impart it to others. They are to diffuse light. All who have received the engrafted Word will be faithful in giving that Word to others. They will speak the words of Christ. In conversation and in deportment they will give evidence of a daily conversion to the principles of truth. Such believers will be a spectacle to the world, to angels, and to men, and God will be glorified in them.

Let us ask ourselves the question, Shall I not seek to honor God daily? The time has come for me to present these things before you as the Lord has presented them to me.—Letter 141, 1906.

Ellen G. White Estate

Silver Spring, Maryland,

September 13, 1990.

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