Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 86

Elder Haskell spoke next, on the healing of the one sick of the palsy. Brother J. F. Ballenger offered the dedicatory prayer. Elder Reaser was chairman of the afternoon service.

While many of the guests were looking over the buildings and grounds, I had a very interesting interview with Dr. Mary L. Potts, the one who formerly owned the property now known as the Paradise Valley Sanitarium. Mrs. Potts is one year younger than I am, and seems to be a woman of ability. She is an excellent speaker, and is still going from place to place to deliver public lectures on health and temperance. During the evening exercises she spoke before the large assembly, and told the story of her effort to establish and maintain a sanitarium-home in this beautiful place, and of her pleasure that the work she was unable to carry on is now taken up by us. She seemed to be very thankful that the place is in good hands.

I had a long talk with Dr. Potts, and gave her a copy of Ministry of Healing. She told me that the original sanitarium building had cost her twenty-five thousand dollars. It is a three-story structure, besides the basement and the garret—all finished with excellent taste and wise calculation. The parlors and sitting room and dining room are well arranged, and built for the comfort and the health of the patients. There are several bay windows, and the building stands so that the sunshine enters the rooms to the best possible advantage.

The new addition to the main building is in the form of a long “L,” with well-arranged bathrooms on one end. The second floor has been finished for the accommodation of patients. The third floor is not yet finished, but will be arranged as a dormitory for the helpers.

May 26—There is a general feeling of uncertainty, a trembling, in regard to future events; for at times there is a trembling of the earth. I am now at work preparing some articles for the papers or for publication in some other form. Now, while men and women are thinking seriously, I can make a strong point on the Sunday question and on the closing of liquor saloons. I mean to speak quite strongly on these points.

Light has been given me that as we near the close of this earth's history we shall have the scenes of the San Francisco calamity repeated in other places; and I do want to gather strength, that I may be able to stand before the people and bear a clear, decided testimony. The period of time in which we are living is a very solemn one.

We had quite a shaking up in our houses here at home. Chimneys were thrown down, but no great damage was done. The printing plant at Mountain View suffered considerably. The side and back

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