Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 90

MR No. 1518—Locate Sanitariums Away From the Cities

(Written May 10, 1906, from Sanitarium, California, to the Doctors Kress. Selections from this manuscript have appeared in Manuscript Releases 435, 714, and 787.) 21MR 90

We have your recent letter. I need not wait for reflection before saying that I believe the best plan is that of first strengthening the work in Adelaide. The climate is more healthful, and the spiritual atmosphere much more favorable than that of Melbourne. This is the way that the matter has been presented to me, but I hoped you would decide the matter from your own judgment. I believe that after placing the whole matter before the Lord, the brethren will come to a harmonious decision. The Lord understands all our necessities. 21MR 90.1

The outlook for establishing a sanitarium at Adelaide is much more favorable than the outlook for establishing one at Melbourne. The city of Melbourne is not the place to establish a sanitarium. It has been plainly presented to me that the sanitarium which you are planning to establish should be located in the most healthful place you can secure. But my warning is that of the angel who, standing in Melbourne, said in a clear, distinct voice, Establish not schools or sanitariums in the cities. In the future, cities will certainly feel the terrible results of earthquakes and fires. Cities will be destroyed by flood and by lightnings. Out of the cities, is my message at this time. 21MR 90.2

Be assured that the call is for our people to locate miles away from the large cities. One look at San Francisco as it is today would speak to your intelligent minds, showing you the necessity of getting out of the cities. Do not establish institutions in the cities, but seek a rural location. The call is, “Come out from among them, and be ye separate.” The very atmosphere of the city is polluted. Let your schools be established away from the cities, where agricultural and other industries can be carried on. 21MR 90.3

The Lord calls for His people to locate away from the cities, for in such an hour as ye think not, fire and brimstone will be rained from heaven upon these cities. Proportionate to their sins will be their visitation. When one city is destroyed, let not our people regard this matter as a light affair, and think that they may, if favorable opportunity offers, build themselves homes in that same destroyed city. 21MR 90.4

Great precautions were taken to make everything in San Francisco secure against earthquakes, floods, and fires, yet today that great city is lying a mass of debris. Where is there 21MR 90.5

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