Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 95

MR No. 1520—Ministers to Proclaim the Word; Avoid the Appearance of Evil

(Written September, 1902, from Los Angeles, California, to A. T. Jones. Portions of this manuscript appear in Evangelism and in various Manuscript Releases.) 21MR 95

The Lord has presented your case before me several times, and I have written out the instruction given me for you, but I cannot now find it among my writings. Since coming here I have once more been given a presentation of your case. Your work has been represented to me in figures. You were passing round to a company a vessel filled with most beautiful fruit. But as you offered them this fruit you spoke words so harsh, and your attitude was so forbidding, that no one would accept it. Then another came to the same company, and offered them the same fruit. And so courteous and pleasant were His words and manner as He spoke of the desirability of the fruit, that the vessel was emptied. The words were spoken, “Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord.” [Isaiah 52:7-10; Psalm 23; Psalm 25:4-10, quoted.] 21MR 95.1

These scriptures I have been directed to write to you. It is the spirit revealed in these words that you are to bring into your work. In the past you have presented the truth in a fierce way, using it as if it were a scourge. This has not glorified the Lord. You have given the people the rich treasures of God's Word, but your manner has been so condemnatory that they have turned from them. You have not taught the truth in the way that Christ taught it. You present it in a way that mars its influence. Unless you are converted, do not stand before the people with the truth. You are not blessed yourself in the belief of the truth, and you present the rich fruit from God's Word to the people in a very objectionable way. Your heart needs to be filled with the converting grace of Christ. 21MR 95.2

It is the Lord's will that for the coming year you shall labor in California, but there will be a trial before us. Unless you learn your lesson, so that you will heed the words of Christ, you will not be able to change the atmosphere that prevails in this conference. 21MR 95.3

You have not been as careful as you might in your teachings in regard to church government. You must be more guarded, to save the church from serious difficulties. But the Lord would have you serve another year in this conference, that your efforts may not be recorded as a failure, as they would be were you to 21MR 95.4

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