Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 21 [Nos. 1501-1598], Page 96

leave your position now. May the Lord help you to have a converted tongue and a converted heart.

If you are made president of a conference, you must not mistake your work. You do not altogether comprehend what is included in the work of the president of a conference. You seek to embrace too much. You must not think that your position gives you liberty to rule over God's heritage. When you attempt to rule, your labors are a positive injury.

In dealing with the Lord's people, bring gentleness and tenderness and grace into your voice and your words. You need to change in this respect. You need to learn how to deal with minds. Guard yourself against being rash and impulsive and speaking harshly. You need to consider that the effect of your harsh words is deleterious to your own soul and to the souls of those to whom you speak. Do not accept the position of president of the conference unless your spirit is softened and subdued by genuine conversion, for otherwise you cannot fill the position acceptably. You need to become as a little child in meekness and lowliness.

Let not your manner be harsh and domineering, like that of a schoolmaster who rules his pupils in a way that arouses the worst passions of the heart. Do not create bitterness and strife, for others will follow your example. This makes the truth distasteful, in the place of leading people to desire it.

Recently I was talking with a young man who is departing from right paths. He makes the course pursued by yourself, when he was at Healdsburg years ago, an excuse for his defects. He spoke of the attention that you paid to young women, and to one in particular, and said, “His example is much worse than any example I have set.” That transaction was opened before me, and it is not strange to me that your wife wears so sad a countenance.

The attention that you have recently been paying to a married woman is not wise. It is not prompted by the Spirit of God. As the president of the conference, you must guard your reputation. You are to be an example of consistency.

If any woman, no matter who, casts herself upon your sympathy, are you to take her up, and encourage her, and receive letters from her, and feel a special responsibility to help her? My brother, you should change your course with regard to such matters, and set a right example before your brother-ministers. Keep your sympathy for the members of your own family, who need all that you can give them.

When a woman is in trouble, let her take her trouble to women. If this woman who has come to you has cause of complaint against her husband, she should take her trouble to

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