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SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 2 (EGW), Page 1036

and strength of purpose. While doing all that he possibly could in cooperating with his father in the home firm, he was doing God's service. He was learning how to cooperate with God (The Youth's Instructor, April 14, 1898). 2BC 1035.7

Chapter 22

7, 8. Prejudices Blind Eyes to Truth—The more closely the Scriptures are studied, the more clearly shall we understand the true character of our thoughts and actions. But thousands put the Bible on one side for the same reason that Ahab hated Micaiah. Because it prophesies evil against the sinner, they claim that they find objections and contradictions in God's Word. While professing to be open to conviction, they allow prejudice to hold sway, and refuse to see the truth which that Word reveals (The Youth's Instructor, June 10, 1897). 2BC 1036.1

***** 2BC 1036

2 Kings

Chapter 1

2, 3. Voice of the Prince of Darkness—The god of Ekron was supposed to give information, through the medium of its priests, concerning future events. Large numbers of people went to inquire of it; but the predictions there uttered and the information given, proceeded directly from the prince of darkness (The Review and Herald, January 15, 1914). 2BC 1036.2

3. Is There No God in Israel?—God is your counselor, and we are always in danger of showing distrust of God when we seek for the advice and counsel of men who do not make God their trust, and who are so devoid of wisdom in matters that they will, by following their own judgment, retard the work. They do not recognize God to be infinite in wisdom. We are to acknowledge God in all our counsels, and when we ask Him, we are to believe that we receive the things we ask of Him. If you depend upon men who do not love God and obey His commandments, you will surely be brought into very difficult places. Those that are not connected with God are connected with the enemy of God, and the enemy will work with them to lead us in false paths. We do not honor God when we go aside from the only true God to inquire of the god of Ekron. The question is asked, Is it because there is not a God in Israel that ye have gone to the god of Ekron to inquire? (Manuscript 41, 1894). 2BC 1036.3

Chapter 2

1-6. Some Need Many Moves—Again, God sees that a worker needs to be more closely associated with Him; and to bring this about, He separates him from friends and acquaintances. When He was preparing Elijah for translation, He moved him from place to place that he might not settle down at ease, and thus fail of obtaining spiritual power. And it was God's design that Elijah's influence should be a power to help many souls to gain a wider, more helpful experience. 2BC 1036.4

Let those who are not permitted to rest in quietude, who must be continually on the move, pitching their tent tonight in one place, and tomorrow night in another place, remember that the Lord is leading them, and that this is His way of helping them to form perfect characters. In all the changes that we are required to make, God is to be recognized as our companion, our guide, our dependence (The Review and Herald, May 2, 1907). 2BC 1036.5

1-8. Our Schools of the Prophets—Just before Elijah was taken to heaven, he visited the schools of the prophets, and instructed the students on the most important points of their education. The lessons he had given them on former visits, he now repeated, impressing upon the minds of the youth the importance of letting simplicity mark every feature of their education. Only in this way could they receive the mold of heaven, and go forth to work in the ways of the Lord. If conducted as God designs they should be, our schools in these closing days of the message will do a work similar to that done by the schools of the prophets (The Review and Herald, October 24, 1907). 2BC 1036.6

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