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SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 2 (EGW), Page 1038

Chapter 8

16, 18. Jezebel's Scheme Unsuccessful—With her seductive arts, Jezebel made Jehoshaphat her friend. She arranged a marriage between her daughter Athaliah and Jehoram, the son of Jehoshaphat. She knew that her daughter, brought up under her guidance and as unscrupulous as herself, would carry out her designs. But did she? No; the sons of the prophets, who had been educated in the schools which Samuel established, were steadfast for truth and righteousness (Manuscript 116, 1899). 2BC 1038.1

Chapter 10

1-31. Jehu Religion Unsafe—Men are slow to learn the lesson that the spirit manifested by Jehu will never bind hearts together. It is not safe for us to bind our interests with a Jehu religion; for this will result in bringing sadness of heart upon God's true workers. God has not given to any of His servants the work of punishing those who will not heed His warnings and reproofs. When the Holy Spirit is abiding in the heart, it will lead the human agent to see his own defects of character, to pity the weakness of others, to forgive as he wishes to be forgiven. He will be pitiful, courteous, Christlike (The Review and Herald, April 10, 1900). 2BC 1038.2

Chapter 15

5. See EGW on 2 Chronicles 26:16-21. 2BC 1038.3

Chapter 20

12-15 (Isaiah 39:1-4). What Have They Seen?—What have your friends and acquaintances seen in your house? Are you, instead of revealing the treasures of the grace of Christ, displaying those things that will perish with the using? Or do you, to those with whom you are brought in contact, communicate some new thought of Christ's character and work? Have you always some fresh revelation of His pitying love to impart to those who know Him not? (The Signs of the Times, October 1, 1902). 2BC 1038.4

Chapter 22

10, 11 (2 Chronicles 34:18, 19). Josiah's Repentance Points to Our Work—When Josiah heard the words of warning and condemnation because Israel had trampled upon the precepts of heaven, he humbled himself. He wept before the Lord. He made a thorough work of repentance and reformation, and God accepted his efforts. The whole congregation of Israel entered into a solemn covenant to keep the commandments of Jehovah. This is our work today. We must repent of the past evil of our doings, and seek God with all our hearts. We must believe that God means just what He says, and make no compromise with evil in any way. We should greatly humble ourselves before God, and consider any loss preferable to the loss of His favor (The Review and Herald, January 31, 1888). 2BC 1038.5

13. See EGW on 2 Chronicles 34:21. 2BC 1038.6

14. See EGW on 2 Chronicles 34:22. 2BC 1038.7

Chapter 23

1-3 (2 Chronicles 34:29-31). Need for a Reform—Josiah had read to priests and people the Book of the law found in the side of the ark in the house of God. His sensitive conscience was deeply stirred as he saw how far the people had departed from the requirements of the covenant they had made with God. He saw that they were indulging appetite to a fearful extent, and perverting their senses by the use of wine. Men in sacred offices were frequently incapacitated for the duties of their positions, because of their indulgence in wine. 2BC 1038.8

Appetite and passion were fast gaining the ascendancy over the reason and judgment of the people, till they could not discern that the retribution of God would follow upon their corrupt course. Josiah, the youthful reformer, in the fear of God demolished the profane sanctuaries and hideous idols built for heathen worship, and the altars reared for sacrifices to heathen deities. Yet there were still to be seen in Christ's time the memorials of the sad apostasy of the king of Israel and his people (The Health Reformer, April 1878). 2BC 1038.9

The Book an Ally in Work of Reform—In his position as king, it was the work of Josiah to carry out in the Jewish nation the principles taught in the Book of the law. This he endeavored to do faithfully. In the Book of the law itself he found a treasure of knowledge, a powerful ally in the work of reform (The General Conference Bulletin, April 1, 1903). 2BC 1038.10

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