Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2), Page 280

It becomes necessary at the present time to make a direct appeal to the readers of the Review relative to the course of Elder White in financial matters. It is due to him, and he asks it as an act of justice, that every person who knows any act of dishonesty, or overreaching, or fraud, or covetousness, or grasping of means in any unbecoming manner, should make a statement of the fact in writing, and send it to this office. We design to place before the public a full statement of the financial matters of Elder White, as the most fitting reply to the attacks which are now being made upon him.—Ibid., October 26, 1869 2BIO 280.1

The appeal continued: 2BIO 280.2

We ask ...that those who have been witnesses of, or sharers in, his acts of benevolence shall also give us statements of the facts touching this part of the subject. We request an immediate response from all concerned.—Ibid. 2BIO 280

A Full Financial Disclosure Promised

To provide information to those with questions regarding some of the financial transactions in which James White had participated with church members, or in his business dealings generally, and to provide church members with an effective tool with which to meet criticism from the world, the committee declared: 2BIO 280.3

We design to place before the public a full statement of the financial matters of Elder White.—Ibid. 2BIO 280.4

It took considerable time to assemble the data called for. On April 26 the committee announced that the report was ready, in a pamphlet that might be secured from the Review office for 15 cents. The notice indicates the anticipated field of usefulness: 2BIO 280.5

The Defense of Elder James White and Wife. This work which was promised some time since is now ready for circulation. It has been prepared with much labor and care, and will be found satisfactory as an answer to the many wicked slanders uttered against these servants of Christ. It should be circulated in those sections where the tongue of the false accuser has been busy. We commend the work to the friends of this cause, especially to those who have to meet the calumnies of wicked men. 2BIO 280.6

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