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Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2), Page 297

Chapter 20—(1870-1871) Further Steps Toward Health Reform

The year 1870 had opened on the upbeat with progress in the production of books and pamphlets, and this was to continue through the year. In mid-February A Solemn Appeal, compiled by James White, had appeared (Ibid., February 15, 1870). Two months later, April 26, the Defense of Elder James White and Wife was released. On May 17 Ellen White wrote to Edson that she had completed her work on the preparation of The Spirit of Prophecy, volume 1, and was beginning on volume 2 (Letter 8, 1870). Volume 1, however, was not through the press until November 29. Its publication was an important step in the production of Ellen G. White books, as it was the first of the set of four books on the full great controversy story—the forerunner of Patriarchs and Prophets. Actually, it was a revision and enlargement of Spiritual Gifts,, Volumes III and IV (The Review and Herald, November 29, 1870).

On August 2 another Testimony pamphlet came from the press. The notice of its publication read:

Testimony for the Church, No. 19, is now ready. It contains a lengthy address to ministers, read at our last General Conference, a valuable article upon air and exercise, an earnest appeal relative to convocations, and several epistles.—Ibid., August 2, 1870

The twenty-page chapter “Exercise and Air” (seventeen pages in Testimonies, volume 2) signaled that Ellen White was now, after her husband's long illness, again aggressively advocating the principles of health reform.

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