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Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2), Page 312

Chapter 21—(1871) Restructuring for a Sound Future—1

During James White's illness the responsibilities of the SDA Publishing Association and the Health Institute passed to the hands of men lacking in proper business experience. The result was mismanagement and heavy losses. As James made his way back to health he again took hold of these and other responsibilities in a firm, dedicated manner, and in time these institutions prospered. Everyone rejoiced. But he soon discovered that he did not have the physical resources to maintain the pace of the rapidly growing interests of the cause as a whole, and these institutions in particular. As he labored during the year 1871 some moves seem to be erratic, but in them all we see James trying desperately to find his way in building a structure that would carry on successfully without his immediate leadership.

Status and Working Force of the Cause

To gain a proper perspective of this crucial transition period, one that was to extend over several years, it may be well to step back a bit and view the resources and involvements of a growing denomination.

Doctrine. Soundly founded on the Word of God; major positions confirmed by messages from heaven through the Spirit of Prophecy in their midst.

Organization. A well-developed structure built on the principles of representative government.

Working Forces. Made up of dedicated but largely self-made men, some with greater abilities and more education than others, but with

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