Ellen G. White Writings

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Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2), Page 340

Writing to Edson and Emma four weeks later, in mid-June, Ellen mentioned the flowers in blossom around the home.

We are in the midst of flowers of almost every description, but the most beautiful of all is to be surrounded with roses on every hand, of every color and so fragrant. The prairie queen is just opening, also the Baltimore bell. Peonies have been very lovely and fragrant, but now they are fast going to decay. We have had strawberries for several days.—Letter 5, 1872.

In the same letter, she penned a few lines concerning the wives of ministers who are called from home in their ministry.

An Encouraging Word for Wives Whose Husbands Must Travel

Asceneth [Smith Kilgore] came here yesterday with her sewing machine and her baby to help us prepare for our journey. Her babe is one of the sweetest and best-natured children I ever saw. It seems like a sunbeam wherever she is....

Asceneth acts a noble, self-denying part. She lives alone some distance from any house and takes care of her two prairie flowers and gives up Robert [her husband], a noble fellow, to go out and labor for the salvation of souls.

These companions who deny self for the truth and sake of Christ will not lose their reward. God will tenderly care for them, and when the Chief Shepherd shall reward the undershepherds for their unselfish labor, these self-sacrificing women who yield up their husbands to labor in the vineyard of the Lord will be rewarded with the crown of glory and the blessed commendation Well done, good and faithful servants, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.

How encouraging to know that every good work will be rewarded. Our kind heavenly Father faithfully cherishes every kind act prompted by pure, unselfish motives. Not one deed of goodness and self-denial is forgotten. All is written in the book and will receive its just recompense.—Ibid.

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