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Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2), Page 356

Chapter 24—(1872-1873) James and Ellen White Discover California

James and Ellen received a most hearty reception when they arrived in California on Wednesday evening, September 25, 1872. At the end of the rail line in Oakland they were met by brethren Conkrite and Stockton, who ushered them to the San Francisco Ferry and on to the Rowland home. Mrs. Rowland was a well-to-do Scottish woman on the verge of taking her stand for the Adventist message. It was midnight when they reached this home. Ellen White wrote, “We met and were introduced to twenty brethren and sisters who greeted us as cordially as we were ever greeted in our lives. These friends had waited at the house of Sister Rowland until twelve o'clock at night to receive us. We did not get to rest until a still later hour.”—Letter 16, 1872. Declared Ellen White in a letter to Edson and Emma:

We rested on the first easy bed we had seen for months. We enjoyed it much. Sister Rowland has welcomed us to her house for one year if we will accept it. She has a good home, well furnished.—Ibid.

In the morning their hostess took them out onto the streets of San Francisco to see the gardens. It seemed to them as if it were midsummer.

Flowers of every type and hue grew in luxuriance and abundance everywhere. Fuchsias grow in open grounds, out of doors, summer and winter; roses of every variety were trailing above trees or latticework in a natural, homelike manner. Many

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