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Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2), Page 414

Chapter 28—(1874) Publishing and Preaching in Oakland

James White had a double interest in moving to Oakland in late April. For some time he had hoped to publish a weekly paper in conjunction with public evangelism. And as Ellen White wrote to Smith, he was already deeply involved.

We think now of starting a paper in Oakland in connection with the tent. My husband thinks a weekly paper could be published with no more expense than at Battle Creek.... It is indeed a great venture to start in at Oakland. This city is indeed a paradise of beauty. The wealthy of San Francisco have made their homes here, while they attend to their business in San Francisco.—Letter 25, 1874.

In a postscript she declared, “My husband is of good courage. When he sees the work moving he feels happy. Today he is over the Bay in San Francisco.”—Ibid. “Father is getting real smart,” she wrote to Willie on May 11. “He is cheerful and of good courage. The printers are at work upon the first number of Signs of the Times. We feel that it is in the order of God.” And she added in words which furnish a clue to their thinking, “We wish you were here.... What would you think if we should send for you shortly?”—Letter 26, 1874.

The new journal was not to come from the press until June 4. In the meantime, most encouraging progress was being made with the tent meeting. In late May James White reported to the readers of the Review:

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