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Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2), Page 459

Chapter 31—(1875) Leading in Significant Advances

James and Ellen White had delayed their return to California for the winter months until after the Biblical institute and the dedication of Battle Creek College. The institute would close on Sunday night, January 3, and the college dedication was scheduled for Monday, January 4. But as they approached the time, a cloud hung over their cherished plans. Ellen White was very ill with influenza. W. C. White tells the story:

After three or four days of the usual run of the disease, we expected her to recover, but she did not improve. Rather she grew worse, and the sanitarium physicians feared that she was in danger of pneumonia. They urged that she be brought without delay to the sanitarium for treatment.... Father was distressed at the thought of her not being able to bear her testimony before the members of the Bible institute, the Battle Creek church, and the many visiting brethren who had gathered to witness the dedication of the college....

I shall never forget the solemnity of the occasion. Mother had been brought down from her sickroom into the parlor. She was seated in a large armchair, warmly wrapped in blankets. Uriah Smith and J. H. Waggoner had come up from the Review office with Father, to unite with him in prayer, and four members of our family were also permitted to be present.

Elder Waggoner prayed. Elder Smith followed in prayer, and then Father prayed. It seemed that heaven was very near to us. Then Mother undertook to pray, and in a hoarse, labored voice, she uttered two or three sentences of petition.

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