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Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2), Page 475

Chapter 32—(1875) Finishing a Successful Year

During the month of July, between the time of camp meetings in the Midwest and those to be held in the East, James and Ellen White were in Battle Creek with many things to care for and much writing to be done. In general they were enjoying good health. Ellen wrote to Willie in Oakland about their living arrangements:

We sleep in the [Review] office and are well arranged. We can be retired now as we please. If only Lucinda [Hall] were here we would prepare our own meals. We go here and there and everywhere. But thus far we have fared well enough.—Letter 25, 1875.

To Edson and Emma she wrote, “We are both in very good health and cheerful in the Lord. We try to do all the labor we can and leave the results with God.... The Lord does indeed go with us and strengthens us for our labor.”—Letter 23, 1875. Writing to Willie early in the morning of July 13, she reported:

Last Friday I spoke at four o'clock at the Health Institute. My subject was the training of children. They have the best set of patients there now that they have ever had. In the evening of Friday, we went to Potterville to rest. But these rests do not amount to much in my case. It was no rest for me. I spoke Sabbath.

I wrote much of the day, Sunday. I wrote thirty-five pages. Gave your father a pack [a hydrotherapy treatment]. Walked out

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