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Ellen G. White: The Progressive Years: 1862-1876 (vol. 2), Page 8

Ellen G. White: Volume 2—The Progressive Years: 1862-1876

Table of Contents

1. (1863) A Year to Be Remembered11
2. (1863) The Continuing Struggle to Establish Church Order23
3. (1863) Seventh-day Adventists and the Civil War in the United States34
4. (1863) Meeting Two Major Problems46
5. (1863) The White Family Escapes to the East59
6. (1864) Learning to Practice Health Reform73
7. (1864) An Intensive Course in Methods of Reform83
8. (1864-1865) The War and Its Unexpected Close99
9. (1865) Health—How to Keep It, How to Lose It110
10. (1866) The Agonizing Year of Captivity128
11. (1866) Rebellion in Iowa145
12. (1867) Liberated at Last—The Sweet and the Bitter157
13. (1867) Advancement in Health Reform176
14. (1867) Battle Creek and the Health Institute192
15. (1867-1868) Dreams, Testimony No. 13, and the Tour East205
16. (1868) Bearing Testimony by Voice and Pen221
17. (1868) The First Annual Camp Meetings239
18. (1869) A Year to Regroup and Prepare to Advance266
19. (1870) At Last the Tide Turns279
20. (1870-1871) Further Steps Toward Health Reform297
21. (1871) Restructuring for a Sound Future—1312
22. (1871-1872) Restructuring for a Sound Future—2325
23. (1872) A Surprise Vacation in the Rocky Mountains341
24. (1872-1873) James and Ellen White Discover California356
25. (1873) The Call for a School372
26. (1873) Colorado Interlude385
27. (1874) Progressive Steps in Evangelism in the Far West401
28. (1874) Publishing and Preaching in Oakland414
29. (1874) The Prophet-Apostle Relationship424
30. (1874) James White Again in the Saddle446
31. (1875) Leading in Significant Advances459
32. (1875) Finishing a Successful Year475
Appendix A491
Appendix B495
Appendix C496


AMAppeal to Mothers
AYAn Appeal to the Youth
CDFCounsels on Diet and Foods
DFEllen G. White Estate Document File
GCBGeneral Conference Bulletin
GSAMGreat Second Advent Movement
HLHealth, or How to Live
HRHealth Reformer
JNLJohn N. Loughborough
JWJames White
LetterEllen G. White letter
1LSLife Sketches, 1880 ed. (2LS, 1888 ed.; 3LS, 1915 ed.)
MSEllen G. White manuscript
PURPacific Union Recorder
RHReview and Herald
1SGSpiritual Gifts,, Vol. I (2SG, etc., for Vols. II-IV)
SHMStory of Our Health Message
1SMSelected Messages, book 1 (2SM, etc., for books 2,3)
STSigns of the Times
1TTestimonies, vol. 1 (2T, etc., for vols. 2-9)
WCWWilliam C. White
YIYouth's Instructor

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