Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 2 [Nos. 97-161], Page 98

Jesus has sent us a letter from heaven which gives us an account of the love He has bestowed upon us. If studied, this letter will bring comfort to the distressed and hope to the perishing.—Letter 98b, 1896, p. 5. (To “My Very Dear Sister,” May 21, 1896.)

The world's Redeemer gave His life as a continual sacrifice in order to save man. He withdrew from the kingdom of heaven, and consecrated Himself to the work of ministering to the sorrows of suffering humanity....

Character is influence. As mind rules matter, character rules minds, and draws other minds into sympathy, and there is a new impulse, a moral taste created.—Manuscript 11, 1892, 6, 10. (“Stewards of God's Gifts,” no date.)

Released August 13, 1959.

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