Ellen G. White Writings

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Selected Messages Book 2, Page 179

Chapter 20—General Principles Governing Worker Remuneration

Satisfaction and Blessing in Sacrificial Labor

Those who have the cause of God at heart, must realize that they are not working for themselves or for the small wage they may be receiving, and that God can make the little they do receive go farther than they think it can. He will give them satisfaction and blessing as they go forward in self-sacrificing labor. And He will bless every one of us as we labor in the meekness of Christ. And when I see some seeking for higher wages, I say to myself, “They are losing a precious blessing.” I know this to be a fact. I have seen it worked out again and again.

Now, brethren, let us take hold and do the very best that we possibly can, without asking for higher wages except as we find that it is an impossibility to do the work given us without more; but even then let others see this necessity as well as ourselves, for God puts it into their heart to see it, and they will speak the word that will have more influence than for us to speak a thousand words. They will speak words that will give us a proper standing before the people. The Lord is our helper and God, our front guard and our rearward.

As we bring ourselves into right relationship with God, we shall have success wherever we go; and it is

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